Friday, 26 August 2011

Say cheese ~ Daniela

With a philosophy that you can never have too much cheese on anything – although not the best philosophy to have – my boyfriend brought to my attention a firm belief that he has: “Cheese just tastes better grated”. After a good ponder and taste comparison, although the exact same cheese was used, I had to agree that any cheese grated definitely does taste better. A strange discovery, but armed with this new revelation I thought I would run this idea past my colleagues. An animated debate pursued with me being astounded to discover that immediately over 90% of everyone asked agreed that whether on a sandwich, scattered over pasta or even eaten on its own, grated cheese comes out tops.
We can’t quite put our fingers on what it is that makes this cheesy sensation more delicious than sliced cheese, but it is now the only way forward! Unfortunately that has resulted in my boyfriend being nominated as chief cheese grater in our house, but it is so worth the effort ;o)

So the next time you reach for your favourite block, give it a grate and let us know what you think!

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  1. This is because when cheese is grated the surface area of the cheese is increased, thus allowing your tastebuds to receive more of the flavour!