Monday, 29 August 2011

Chic’it in the shebeen ~ Hasmita

For our Nov/Dec issue, which is all about the festivity and celebration, Yudhika Sujanani, the curry queen, invited us for a little Chic Shebeen party. Like all of Yudhika’s parties, it was an absolute delight. Her specials for the day ranged from a starter of hot wings, and chilli bites to a main of tikka lamb chops, baked fish, peanut potato curry, a vegetable pulao, and an Amarula chocolate brownie for a sweet treat. Dolled up in one of Stoned Cherrie’s garments, Yudhika set the mood for a chilled evening of lots of cooking, eating, and dancing.

All Yudhika's scrumptious recipes will be in our next issue so keep your eyes peeled and get your tatse buds ready for some real treats.

Jay Anstey, Bruce Mukhola and Fumani Shilubana.

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