Thursday, 25 August 2011

Go green ~ Daniela

As promised, I thought I would share with you one of my most fun finds while trotting around Europe a few weeks back. “Going green” has taken on a whole new term for me, and is now straddled side by side with the word delicious!

Although during my first few days of loving every minute, sight and sound of Berlin, I mistakably avoided “this tiny pleasure” at all costs. I mean nothing that green could possibly be anything besides “yuck”. But being the inquisitive type, off I went one day to investigate this “green beer” that anyone and everyone was drinking.

On my first sip – a “tadaaa” type angelic sound came from the skies and I was sold for life! A true tradition in Berlin, EVERYONE has got to try it! It was just downhill from then on and I obviously then had to try the less frequent red one. The green still stands firm as my favourite, with its sour, apple flavours you will never know you are drinking beer. But be warned, because of this, drinking it as cool-aid is not advised. Although delicious and completely drinkable it is quite potent and after a few you will be wobbling your way out the beer garden. So next time you are in Berlin, although never on the menu, stick to your guns and take my word for it and order your self a "Berliner Weisse ohne Schuss” and enjoy!!!

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