Friday, 10 June 2011

The way I like it

~ by Daniela

Eating for pleasure is something you either do or don’t. There are those who “live to eat” and those who “eat to live” – there is no grey area. But either way, how we all eat fascinates me. Looking at how my family and friends eat, I have come up with three categories.

My friends take it with a pinch of salt (no pun intended) when, without tasting anything that is placed in front of me, I will always automatically add a touch of salt and pepper, and then a dollop of some kind of chilli. My pre-eating ritual has nothing to do with whomever cooked the food and how it was prepared, but it is just simply how I like and enjoy my food.
Together with spicing my food before eating, I am also a “mixer” – a rare find I have discovered, but a “mixer” nonetheless. A standing joke with anyone who knows me – no matter what comes my way, whether all beautifully presented or not, it all gets cut up into bite size pieces, and generally all combined and mixed together. Taking a bit of time, most are almost half way through their meal before I even start, but luckily I am not exactly a slow eater!

Most of my family, on the other hand, are “partitioners”. My father and brother eat everything separately, and for love or money will not even let a single morsel mixed unless it is intended to be that way, and therefore they cringe at my habitual eating habits. With them, everything is dished up like a perfectly calculated ballet routine and eaten accordingly (I guess that would be the perfect way to taste your food, but it’s just not for me).

My mother, on the other hand - along with most of my friends - sits safely in-between as “builders”. Most people seem to fall somewhere in this category, but she has it boiled down to an art. Carefully stacking a bit of everything on every fork full, every bite seems to me like a perfectly crafted masterpiece. Definitely not catered for any shoveling purposes, this is again not for me.

No matter how you eat, take pleasure in your food and enjoy it!

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