Thursday, 9 June 2011

Avo's new look!

~ by Annie

Well today has to be one of the most exciting days for the Avocado team... We have just received our brand new re-design magazine hot-off-the-press, and I just have to say that it is beautiful! The team has worked tirelessly to bring you, our loyal readers, the most delectable and scrumptious magazine around.

The magazine will hit the shelves on 29 June, so go out and grab a copy, at our new incredible price of only R21,95. And don't forget, from this issue Avocado will be available every month!

We wanted to give you a sneak peak of our new look, and we would love your feedback - please email Kerry at with any comments.

The cover of our English issue.

The cover of our Afrikaans issue.
Keep an eye out for it!

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