Monday, 13 June 2011

A Bollywood tea party of note!

~ by Hasmita Amtha

As the stylist for Avocado magazine, I am indeed the lucky one from the team, who attends every shoot and gets to try out and indulge in all the dishes prepared for the magazine. Yes, I do have the best job!

We recently had the awesome opportunity to shoot Yudhika Sujanani’s Bollywood tea party. We had an afternoon of decadent spicy treats, shimmering colour and “chori chori” playing in the background. Yudhika, known as the curry queen of bling, hosted us together with her celeb friends for a little tea party.

It was a lovely afternoon! The table was beautifully decorated with delicious Indian delights, from the ever-popular Gulab Jaman and Pistachio Burfee to a chocolate cake topped with chilli ganache. On a savoury note, Yudhika cooked up a storm with her mini lamb bunny chows, and crab curry pitas. Why spicy dishes at a tea party? The Sujanani family’s custom is to serve something warm and spicy before something sweet, just in case any visitors come with a hungry tummy.

To see all the glitz and glam, keep a look out for our September issue of Avocado!

Sasha gets dollied (or should we say "Bolly'd") up

Gorgeous dishes from our photographer's point of view

Yudhika and Sasha chat about all the hip Bollywood flavours

The ladies get stuck in - and don't they look gorgeous?!

Delicate flavours, prepared by a delicate hand

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