Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hospital food- Kerry


hospital meals, before and after

Now there are two words that can send shivers down the spines of the staunchest of people! Having had my fair share of time in the firing line of Hospital Food (most of it surrounding the birth of my baby), and the most recent last week, I have noticed how medical care facilities are reinventing their food offerings. From the ill-advised jelly and custard, to whole breakfast, lunch and dinner menus with options - there really is a new food culture moving into these facilities.
Chatting with one of the hostesses a while back, I discovered that there is actually a caterer who creates the menus and dishes for the hospital (trust an Avo team member to talk to the staff about food while recovering in hospital!) You can taste the difference in food quality. And don't laugh, but I have my favourite "hospital" dish - an easy-to-make yet delicious liver, onions and mash!
Liver has a very high iron content - making it great recovery food! In fact, liver is at the top of the top-10 list of iron-rich foods according to http://www.ironrichfood.org/.
So next time you are faced with a hospital stay, at least you won't have to be afraid of the food!

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