Thursday, 16 June 2011

Go raw this winter ~ Annie

picture credit: Raw: The uncooked food book

I know its winter time and all you probably want right now is a steaming cup of freshly-made soup with hot-out-of-the-oven bread... mmmm. Or come to think of it, even a spicy hot curry or a piping hot lamb stew will do.
Yet, have you ever considered going raw this winter and not cooking at all? I must admit I found it intriguing and little challenging. Okay a lot challenging. I can handle having fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast and a salad at lunchtime, but for dinner... that was way more challenging. There is a gentleman in California who has written a book about eating nothing but raw food throughout the year. He makes “bread” out of nuts (and cooks it in the sun), his recipes are stunning and rather easy and quick to make (seeing as you don’t cook anything) and obviously there are no animal proteins involved. Unfortunately that is where I had to draw the line for myself, I am a true South African girl, needing "a stukkie vleis" on the braai and biltong.
But for the main part, I am definitely going to try and carry on on the raw food track. I feel a vast difference in my energy and health levels overall, however, just once in a while, I will reach out for a piping hot curry or soup.

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