Friday, 6 May 2011

Food is a language in itself

~ by Daniela

Working within the food industry and being a definite lover of all things food related, I am constantly being amazed at the magnitude it actually plays in so many peoples' lives and how it can transform an otherwise dull or awkward situation into something quite extraordinary.

Last week for me just epitomised how food can break all barriers. Along with all the public holidays, it was my friends Stephan and Estelle’s wedding. No ordinary affair - due to the fact that the couple met whilst backpacking and Estelle being French - last week saw the invasion of a European contingent amounting in 12 people arriving not only from all over SA, but also France, Germany and the UK.
With this cosmopolitan mix all at one table, I can only describe the atmosphere as pure elated enjoyment and colour. So many different people in one space, yet almost half could not speak a word of English, however the conversations just soared every time we sat down to eat. It was never about the food, but it was the food that brought us together, breaking the barriers and bringing a sort of ease that got us all “talking” in a mish-mash of hand gestures, broken translation, oui’s, no’s, and pardon’s. Never a dull, quiet moment the food, wine and laughter flourished every day with “delicious” becoming the common word throughout. Reminding me of travelling, when it comes to food, there are no words necessary, just a common ground of enjoyment and fun.

Bon Apetit!

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