Monday, 15 August 2011

Take a stand ~ Daniela

Did you know?
A simple switch from a selected meat-based meal to meat analogue meal
saves a total of over 26 billion tons of CO2-eq.

As a bid not only for our health, but also to try help save our planet, many of us have taken a stand in support of “Meat Free Mondays” (MFM).
A seemingly simple task has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years and is backed by a plethora of facts, info, statistics and benefits. Just one day, a mere 24 hours without meat has proven to make a massive difference to the earth and add to a healthier you.

Many of us eat far more meat and protein than we actually need to stay healthy, and thus according to, supporting MFM helps reduce heart disease, fight diabetes, curb obesity, results in a longer life and improves your diet, to name but a few benefits.
So even if you love eating meat, every other day of the week, take a stand and join this awe-inspiring initiative. It will give you and your family at least one day when your “5-a-day” will not be a chore, and will also help children break the stigma that veggies are boring! It is fun and actually makes dinner times more exciting.
MFM caused a massive change in our office – more people are getting involved, and recipes are being exchanged and ideas are given to make MFM a great experience. We love MFM and give it an awesome two thumbs up! So join the Avo team and help save out plant and show your support for MFM.

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