Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Away we go! ~ Daniela

After almost a year of planning, my best friend and I finally went on our two week “whirlwind European adventure”. Funny enough, both of us love to travel and have been to all sorts of places on our own, but this year we have decided to go on a friends-bonding trip together. The last time we travelled properly together was after school, so to say we were excited is putting it lightly. We decided to just go all out and enjoy where we are and how we want to.
Needless to say food features VERY highly on both our lists as we are both huge foodies. We actually went about picking countries not only because of what they offer but also because of the diverse food we can experience. I couldn't wait to dig my teeth into mouth-watering varieties and flavours that awaited us on the other side. Milky, sugary coffee and waffles in Amsterdam; sauerkraut, chops and black forest cake in Berlin; bockwurst, schnitzels and beer in Austria; dumplins galore in Prague; pastries in France… and good old traditional English mash and mushy peas. Whoohoo! It truly was an eating extravaganza and I can’t wait to share my findings with you.

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