Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Salmon in butter

~ by Kerry

I absolutely love salmon! There's a fishmonger on my way home (Fisherman's Deli, in Dunkeld) where I always buy my fresh fish, and he often has a variety of salmon to choose from: Norwegian, Scottish or Chillean (which is usually frozen). They each have quite different flavours, but my favourites are between the Norwegian and Chillean.

Then there's the good old boxed type...

...which is what we pulled out of the defrosting drawer in our fridge last night. One would generally not attempt to compare fresh salmon to the boxed variety, but in this instance I could actually not tell the difference! And I'm convinced it was all in the cooking method:

You melt butter in a pan and sprinkle in some fresh parsley to heat up, then sear the salmon until it starts to take on a golden brown (I eat salmon the incorrect way - well done and cooked through - in which case you would leave it in the pan a little longer).
Serve with roast potatoes and salad, and you have a meal made in heaven (and those crispy bits are to die for!)

I will never do salmon any other way...

Image: menshealth.com

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