Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Eating for two

~ by Cherise

As most moms-to-be know, pregnancy brings on some exciting eating habits. With my last pregnancy I could not get enough of cake - which is not uncommon in women generally; but with this one I have this craving for Asian food. So much so that I schedule all my eating around which Asian dish or restaurant is the flavour of the day.
One of my favourite finds has been Lucky Moo in Parkhurst: the combination of flavours makes for a delicious Chinese take-away (as well as the size of the portions fulfilling my Chinese craving).
On days that I feel like a "home" cooked meal, I look no further than Woolworths for their ready-made prawns done in chilli and garlic. I toss in stirfry veg and a portion of egg noodles, with an extra serving of chilli...and you have a very happy mommy-to-be!

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