Monday, 4 April 2011

Welcome to Avocado's blog!

For those of you who know our magazine, you will know that we love food in all its delicious forms, flavours and colours. There are so many wonderful ingredients out there, begging to be muddled, blended, sauteed, or roasted together.

Image: The Well Seasoned Cook
But there's only so much that you can fit into 96 pages (delicious as they are), so we've spread our wings (or butter, in this case) to the infinite capacity of the internet. Every day, a member of the Avocado team will share an exciting recipe, food epiphany, or interesting food-fact that they've come across - so you'll never be at a loss when it comes to inspiration in the kitchen (or on the braai, if you're a born-and-bred - or duly converted - South African).

We look forward to sharing our love for food with you. Cheers!

Kerry Hayes - Managing Editor

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