Monday, 25 April 2011

Tea for the birthday girl

- by Sasha

It’s my birthday on Sunday and I am having a few friends and family over for a late afternoon tea. I have a collection of some pretty exotic loose-leaf teas, including Malaysian Ginger and Lemon, Chilli Chocolate, Yerbamate, “fancy red fruit” tea (from Hong Kong via my mum’s friend, Laurette) and Ricola Tisan (which is my French Grandmother g’night tea). As for food, I plan to make mini cheesecakes, Swiss roll, marble cake, chocolate brownies and a few savoury items such as bruchettes, sandwich triangles and quiche – nothing too fancy or time consuming to make, seeing as it’s my birthday. My sister (who is out from London for a wedding) is in charge of the décor – she’s very creative with an eye for detail, so I’m leaving that up to her.  Don’t miss out on next week’s blog, where I will post some pics of my celebration.

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